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Timeline of Important Dates
In the interest of assuring the iVisual Art Department Resource Guide will be printed on schedule, there will be absolutely no exceptions to the following deadlines:
- January 1st - Listing confirmations and advertising invoices mailed.
- February 18th - Last day to receive a 10% discount on display advertising.
- March 18th - Drop-Deadline: Last day to confirm your listing or apply for a new listing.
Final Advertising Deadline.
- April - Prepare the iVisual Art Department Resource Guide for press. No changes or additions can be made at this point.
- May - The iVisual Art Department Resource Guide goes to press. It takes approximately 3 months to print and ship.
- Late August - Pre ordered iVisual Art Department Resource Guides are shipped out.
* We accept new listings year round. If you missed the cut off for the printed directory, your listing will still appear online and you will qualify to be published in the following year's Directory.